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Essay about Hollywoods Take on the Civil War - 1911 Words

The film, Gone with the Wind became a cultural phenomenon after its release in 1939. The Civil War based film follows the storyline of Scarlett O’Hara. The lead heroine is dealt with the hardships of love as well as the destruction of her town. Set in the South, the movie stresses the community’s devotion to the confederacy. After its box office success, many historians believed that the film had a strong influence on America’s perception of the Civil War. That influence being a backing attitude towards the Lost Cause. The term Lost Cause refers to the white southerners admirable view towards the defeated confederacy. In Gone with the Wind, this idea was expressed in several scenes. For example, one of the leading characters, Rhett†¦show more content†¦They even dance with excitement as their master looks on. Critics argue that this is a distorted view on racial history. Since the standpoint of the film revolves around white southerners, the scene attemp ts to glamorize slavery. In another display of discrimination, a newly elected group of Black legislators begin session. While in debate, african americans are shown drinking whiskey, devouring chicken, and removing their shoes. The purpose of this scene was to show the inability of African Americans to govern a nation. In illustrating blacks as barbaric and ill-mannered, the movie exhibits why the elite whites need to stay in power. With a focus on the Lost Cause, Birth of a Nation put a favorable stance on the South’s ideologies. One of those ideologies being white superiority. When Birth of a Nation was released, the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People ( NAACP) panned the film’s disregard of civil rights. As a result, the organization staged a massive protest at an opening of the film held in New York City. The NAACP urged whites to boycott the film. However, the idea of reserved seating and dressing people up as Klansman to advertise the film drew in millions. Even with daily rallies opposing the movie, Birth of a Nation grew to be the most successful picture in the silent movie era. Thus, the NAACP chose to instead pressure the director, D.W. Griffith, in cutting some of the more offensive scenes. One that included a group ofShow MoreRelatedHollywood Films And The Civil Rights Movement Essay1631 Words   |  7 Pagesto the Civil Rights Movement and after it. Both the manner in which most black characters are portrayed in Hollywood films and ideas conveyed by the latter suggest that Hollywood’s approach to racism is ultimately negative. However, Hollywood films shot in more recent times and Hollywood’s attitude to non-white actors speak about the film studios’ hypocritical approach to racism, as Hollywood’s activities indirectly promote racist ideologies spreading in the US film industry. Hollywood’s hypocriticalRead MoreAmerica s Current Socio Political Events And Values Are Reflected Through The Film Industry s Portrayal Of Superheroes966 Words   |  4 Pagesfreedom and libertarianism and is pitted against Batman, who stands for the more modern take on justice, which is swift and with a touch of vigilantism3. Similar to the movie, it is very clear that there is currently a serious decision to be made that will end in an irreversible outcome on America’s horizon. It is no coincidence that the separation between the warring parties in the recent film, Captain America-Civil War will also conclude in an irreversible outcome. To conclude, the political and socialRead MoreSocial Commentary On Hollywood War Films1282 Words   |  6 PagesHIST2033-001 10 November 2015 Social Commentary in Hollywood War Films Hollywood film is a powerful twentieth century art form that has provided entertainment and social commentary since its creation. Film can be used to portray history on the silver screen. Directors can use their films to portray social commentary about current issues. A popular social issue throughout history is war. Directors can use their war films to promote pro-war or anti-war movements. Films have the ability to influence the publicRead MoreGettysburg, By Ronald F. Maxwell2459 Words   |  10 PagesGettysburg. The epic war film, Gettysburg, is directed by Ronald F. Maxwell in 1993, and is known for its accurate depiction of the clash between the armies of the Union and Confederacy in a small Pennsylvania town, during the Civil War in 1863. Gettysburg is based on the famous book The Killer Angels . Through close analysis and observation it is evident that Gettysburg, is portrayed as an objective re-enactment of the events that occurred in The Battle of Gettysburg during the Civi l War. Even though theRead MoreEssay Mccarthyism and Its Effects on America1593 Words   |  7 PagesMcCarthyism not only destroyed the lives and careers of many Americans but also the innocent image of the country. Senator Joe McCarthy from Wisconsin was the same as any man. But when he cried Communism the world seemed to listen.brbrFollowing the Cold War between Russia and the United States there came many hardships, such as unemployment and high inflation. These hardships produced a restless society. The society then looked for something or someone to blame (Fried, 39). They found someone to blameRead MoreAmerica s Current Political Events And Values899 Words   |  4 Pageslibertarianism pitted against Batman, who stands for the more modern take on justice; swift and with reflections of vigilantism2. Although similarities could be drawn between both parties and the superheroes in the film, it is very clear that there is currently a separation between those who support the repu blicans and those who support the democrats. Just like the separation between parties in the recent film Captain America civil war. Again, the themes and the current events in the United States haveRead MoreChild Soldiers in Sierra Leone1488 Words   |  6 Pagestopic of Child Soldiers presented a very interesting dilemma that several countries in Africa continue to face today. Sierra Leone, in particular, has struck an interest because of the many films and readings that try to depict this story of the civil war. In class, we have viewed two films representing the problems with child soldiers in Sierra Leone which include films titled Blood Diamond and Ezra. Both films represent opposite sides of the spectrum, as Blood Diamond shows the Western view of childRead MoreLena Mary Calhoun Horne : An Advocate For Civil Rights And The Abolition Of Segregation1065 Words   |  5 Pagesbecame an advocate for civil rights and the abolishment of segregation. Lena Mary Calhoun Horne was born to a middle-class family in Brooklyn, New York. Members of the Horne family were active members of the NAACP and the Urban League; many had attained a college degree, which remained rare for African-Americans in the early 20th century. Lena’s mother, Edna, was an actress with a black theater troupe; despite her mother’s career as a performer, and Lena’s ambitions to take the stage herself, herRead MoreEssay on War Film Genre1668 Words   |  7 PagesM Avodian September 20, 2012 War from the Beginning War films have been around for quite some time. They have many different aspects to them. Each film has a little bit different view, depending on what the director wants the audience to get out of the movie. Some target the importance of how horrific and heart breaking war was, while others were used to inspire their country to support their troops. There are films though that go straight to the point of war and show all of the intense combatRead MorePersuasive Speech : Film Production Tax Breaks Are Worth It873 Words   |  4 Pagesodd choice to film â€Å"Captain America: Civil War† in, but the industry has its reasons to do so. II. Credibility and Goodwill: As a native of Georgia and a â€Å"professional extra,† I have been able to witness for myself the benefit of production incentives and what they have done for our state. III. Topic: Production incentives are tax credits given to film producers by the state they film in, and are often the deciding factor of where the production of a film takes place. IV. Preview of Main Points:

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Describe How Your Company Will Be Organized - 1328 Words

Describe how your company will be organized: †¢ Write a short paragraph on each of the founders and key managers, describing their background and experience (include resumes in the Appendix). What will be their duties and responsibilities? (Kevin s Perceptive) Taylor Tuke- He is so organized, he can manage New York’s traffic grid with his eyes closed. Taylor brings a unique perspective to the table. With an extensive background in music including live performances, audio production and songwriting, he constantly has his eyes open for new and exciting opportunities for the team. He has practiced digital design since a very young age and has experience with computer programs including Photoshop, Illustrator and other Adobe products.†¦show more content†¦You can find Connor wrangling trout on a fly rod or brewing up craft beers with bold personalities in his free time. Michael Ozeroff- At birth, his parents couldn’t decide between naming him â€Å"Relentless† or â€Å"York.† Mike was a good compromise. Nintendo 64 extraordinaire. Mike is a junior in mechanical engineering at CU with big goals in mind. He hopes to one day provide cleaner and cheaper energy to the community by designing solar panels for everyone to own. Through his study at school and his experience in the workplace, Mike hopes that he can help create a sustainable world for future generations. His experience with sales and customer relations makes him a key player to have on any team. He firmly believes that improving package security will positively impact many people, giving them the confidence to shop more frequently online with the knowledge that their packages await them safely at home. His peers and employers would say that Mike is passionate about the things that are important to him, and never half-asses his responsibilities. Not only does he get the job done, but he demands that the final product is flawless. Mike is dedicated to the HATCH team and will not quit until the world shares its vision. Trevor Rosensohn- Also known as â€Å" I-Spy book Champion† Able to see details remarkably fast. His Hobby: Bird Watching. Trevor is a chemical engineering student who is about to graduate and start his career in Chemical Consulting. He hasShow MoreRelatedPrinciple of Management1020 Words   |  5 PagesAssignment # 2 – Chapter 14 Case – â€Å"Hewitt-Packard Company† You are to write a three to five (3-5) page report that answers the following questions: 1. Discuss the three most serious problems you have identified in the case. Defend why you think they are the most serious. 2. Describe how the company should attempt to correct each of the three most serious problems. 3. Recommend a leadership style or combination of initiating structure and considerationRead MoreThe Company Team : Future Apps1093 Words   |  5 PagesRamadan Gannud PM 577 Final Exam 1.0 Name of your company team. The name of our company team is Future Apps. 1.1 Total amount of investment funds requested from venture capitalists. We requested $ 1 Million to perform the first stage of our portfolio. 1.2 Total amount of funds received from VCs. In fact, we did not receive anything on the table. We did negotiate with some VCs but no one took a step and funded the project. 1.3 Total percentage of equity now in VC hands. Since we didRead MoreWindows Server1080 Words   |  5 PagesWindows Server Deployment Proposal Overview Each student will create a detailed, organized, unified technical solution given the scenario described below. The submission will be in a written format, with at least one diagram, and may include additional diagrams, charts or tables. The assignment is meant for students to enhance their mastery of the material and to provide a creative and realistic way in which to apply knowledge from this course.   Scenario Worldwide Advertising, Inc. (referredRead MoreInformation Systems Chapter 1 Review Questions 1-17 Essay example1283 Words   |  6 Pagessuch as online surveys, Registration to EBay, yahoo, hotmail, facebook, and multiple other database systems that are available. 2. How is data different from information? Information from knowledge? Data consists of raw facts, such as a social security number, address, blood type, date of birth, and many others. Information is a collection of facts that are organized and processed so that they have additional value beyond the value of the individual facts. However, knowledge is just the awarenessRead MoreHypocrisy of Imperialism in The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad990 Words   |  4 PagesThe Heart of Hypocrisy The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is a frame narrative which creates a clear and organized structure. This structure helps emphasize upon the hypocrisy of imperialism in the novel and Marlow’s journey to discovering his true identity. The orderly and systematic nature of the structure corresponds with the Company in the novel and how it seems so structured on the outside while their mission is actually extremely chaotic underneath as displayed by Kurtz. The cyclicalRead MoreSample Resume : Dance Review Form965 Words   |  4 PagesInstructions 1. Your WOTA instructor will have provided you with details on the event and what they expect for proof of attendance. It would be a good idea to have this review form handy so that you know the questions you’ll be answering. Give yourself enough time to attend the gallery and view all of the works contained, before you choose the one you want to review. 2. Do not try to write this review during the event, but you may want to jot down some impressions on the program (not on your phone or tablet)Read MoreDescribe How Information Systems Have Changed the Way Businesses Operate and Their Products and Services.1419 Words   |  6 PagesRequirement: ⠝â€" Include a cover page with the course title, assignment number, your name, student number and session number. ⠝â€" Page setup: Use 1 inch for left, right, top and bottom margin, 12pt for font size, single line spacing, and leave at least one line between questions. ⠝â€" Answer in YOUR OWN WORDS. Please note that direct paragraphing from either the textbook or your notes will be subject to mark reduction. ⠝â€" Your answer should be very ACCURATE and COMPLETE (Precise and Concise), neitherRead Morecase study for OB course Vetements Ltee1259 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ POINT FORM is acceptable, NO HANDWRITTEN submissions will be accepted! Apply chapter material throughout your analysis of the case (expand/contract table boxes to fit your content). Case Title: Vetements Ltee Key Person: Sales staff of Vetements Ltee Case Overview Who is the case about? This case is about the sales staff that work at the Vetements Ltee (A chain of men s retail clothing stores located throughout Quebec). What is the current situation? The senior management startRead MoreIdentifying Problems, Solving It by Practical Projects, Formulating Problem Statements, Designing a Project Charter and Explaining the Project Objective in Detail.1652 Words   |  7 PagesLITERATURE STUDY 1. INTRODUCTION 3 2. REAL PROBLEMS SOLVED BY PRACTICAL PROJECTS 3 3. PROBLEM STATEMENT FOR PRACTICAL PROJECT 4 4. PROJECT CHARTER 4 5 PURPOSE - BREAK- UP INTO PROJECT OBJECTIVES: DESCRIBED BY WHAT, HOW WHEN TO BE ACHIEVED 5 6. CONCLUSION 6 7. BIBLIOGRAPHY 7 CHAPTER 1 LITERATURE STUDY 1. INTRODUCTION 2. REAL PROBLEM SOLVED BY PRACTICAL PROJECTS A CAT TLB 422E was hiredRead MoreManagement Informational System1165 Words   |  5 PagesAnswer Review questions 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13, 16, 18, amp; 22 in your own words. First, write the questions, and then answer with proper explanation. 1. Define the term database. How is it different from a database management system? Database is simply a collection of data. A database helps and provides managers and decision making people with timely and relevant information that leads the company to organizational success. A database management system is totally different than regular

Econometrics for Corporate Social Responsibility

Question: Describe about panel data- fixed and random effects. Answaer: The methodology advocates the other aspects that contributes to the paper. The methodology applied in paper is panel data, which includes both temporal heterogeneity and the individual heterogeneity. The former allows controlling the macro economic effects whereas the latter allows controlling the individualistic characteristics of the firms (Hsiao, 2014). Moreover, the methodology used considers the dynamic performance of firms. However, review studied the firm performance and its effect of CSR based on cross sectional data. On the other hand, panel data has been taken to elaborate the association between CSR and firm performance to solve the problem of inherent endogeneity so that the results obtained are robust as well as consistent in nature (Madorran Christina, 2016). However, CSR and firm performance have received much consideration in the literature. Panel data has been carried out in the study to test the hypothesis on the methodology that allows taking into account both the temporal as well as unobservable individual heterogeneity. However, individual heterogeneity at one point becomes difficult to study the firm level features that directly affect the controlled firm value (Kessler, 2014). This technique not only provides a complete information regarding the testing of hypothesis but also allows the stated facets to be taken into account. The outcomes obtained are more pertinent than the cross sectional data used in the literature. Nevertheless, one-period lagged performance has been used in order to include the dynamic performance indicators to measure the persistence level of performance of the parameter. CSR is an indicator of the firm i in t-1 years. The lag has been introduced in the model because CSR efforts do not immediately affect the firm performance rather the result is reviewed later. The choice of methodology has been performed to achieve the significant objectives based on the efficiency of the results. However, panel data applied in this context has been incorporated due to four reasons. Firstly, it includes dynamic characteristics of the variables in the underlined analysis. Secondly, the times effects has been used as a variable of the year to introduce undetected individual effect in the individual heterogeneity. Hansen Over identification Test - The dynamic model can be estimated based on two generalized step of moments that not only provide an efficient yet consistent estimator but also addresses the impending endogeneity in the model. The instruments in lags in independent variable are considered from t 1 whereas the lags in dependent variable are considered from t 2 (O'Neill Hanrahan, 2016). However, Hansens instruments validates the statistic results through the over identification chi square distribution. The test involves degrees of freedom that are equal to the number of over-identifying limitations. Nonetheless, in order to remove the individual effects it is important that individual effects be associated with the remaining variables based on the first differences of the variables (Corredor Goi, 2011). Error Correction Procedure by Windmei - On the other hand, the model estimation for error correction is carried out on the small samples. The correlation in error terms m1 and m2 is for serial correlation in order of 1 and 2 respectively that has been calculated using fist differences in the residuals. These tests are asymptotically distributed as N (0, 1) under the statement of no serial correlation in null hypothesis and m2 is calculated following Arellano (Roodman, 2015). Wald Statistics On the other hand, the coefficients offer the Walds statistic based on z1 and z2. z1 statistic is used for shared significance of the model whereas z2 is used for shared significance of the time dummies. However, both the statistics just like Windmei Error Collection Procedure, the statistics are normally distributed as under null hypothesis as a chi square of no joint significance. However, all these statistics are executed using STATA, statistical tool (Hernndez-Cnovas, Mnguez-Vera Snchez-Vidal, 2014). Alternatively, the other way of evaluating a longitudinal or cross sectional data is with the help of pooled OLS regression treats the regression of y on x using controlled variables. However, it ignores the structure followed by the panel data such that the pooled regression omits the invariant unobserved variables from the study. Hence, it is important that all the unobserved variables be controlled for the probable influence by the generalized least square random effect regression model (GLS-RE). GLS-RE regression with OLS assumes to have no correlation between explanatory variables as well as error terms but it takes into consideration unobserved variables that will not only be constant over time but also will vary between companies while others may not be just constant between companies but might vary over time (Hagen Waldeck, 2014). However, as stated, it is observed that GLS-RE ought to violate the auto regression correlation of the least square. Comparatively, GLS-RE regression is appropriate to control the influence of the time-constant variables that often face the problem of serial correlation in the error term. The assumptions that hold efficient in the given nature of the data such that it follows the order to analyse the use of RE estimator. The error term e is a composite error terms that comprises of both time-varying (mit) as well as time-constant (ai) firm specific variable such that e as ai mit are uncorrelated through time. The unobserved effects (mit) and idiosyncratic errors (ai) are assumed to be uncorrelated with independent variables across all time periods (strict exogeneity) The unobserved as well as observed variables are randomly drawn from the certain distribution. Furthermore, in order to ensure the assumption, the researcher has forecasted the residuals with the predict command to plot a histogram of r for visual analysis. However, to ensure the results validity as well as clarity, the test of Shapiro-Wilk W-test had been conducted. The W statistics in the test specifies normality if the value of W is close or equal to one given that the null hypothesis states that r is normally distributed. The results and null hypothesis will not be rejected if the p value comes greater than 0.05 (Hanusz, Tarasinska Zielinski, 2016) The validity of the results can further be proven by other tests. Tests like Breusch-Pagan Lagrange multiplier (LM) is needed to check the validity of random-effect estimator. This test has been designed not only to check the efficiency and validity of the RE models but has also been designed to test the efficiency in conducting unobserved heterogeneity. In this particular test, the square of the residuals (error term) are regressed on the independent variables. The null hypothesis for the particular tests states that the variance across the regression equation is zero (Ho: 0; no substantial dissimilarity across units) (Baltagi, Feng Kao, 2012). Moreover, if the test failed to reject the null hypothesis then RE model will be considered not suitable for the evaluation. Conversely, the test assumes to favor Random Effect Estimator if test is significant at 1% confidence level. The regression in LM tests are run according to the standard error that will spontaneously modify all standard errors as well as p-values looking for any possible problem of outliers, heteroskedasticity and other irregularities and lately mend the rationality of the results. As dependent variable helps in acknowledging the financial performance of the firm. As a result, the factors are controlled thoroughly such that it does not affect the financial performance. However, those variables are included that not only affect the financial performance of the firms but also controls the unobservable with fixed combination effects like firm, year and industry. The econometric specification will be discussed in the following section below. To choose a multivariate statistical method, the research starts form the OLS (Ordinary Least Square) specification in which firstly, the firms performance will be specified (Performit) as a function that is linear in nature with vector X of explanatory/ independent variables from time t of the firm i additional to the error term uit. As provided by the panel structure of the data, the major possibility arises that all the error terms will be correlated with firms over time. This kind of serial correlation paves way to spurious regression results (Wooldridge, 2015). To deal with serial correlation the model will now turn into a dynamic longitudinal model. This model will incorporate lags in linear autoregressive dynamics of dependent variable as regressor to encompass performance for within-firm persistence. Explicitly, to incorporate lag of one-year in the dependent variable then the within-firm AR (1) process will be followed in every specification. The within-firm serial correlations addresses the dynamics of AR(1) such that there is probability that error term (ei) across time will not be independent. However, any effect related to time-dependence that is not included in X will incorporated in the error term. However, the earlier researches have studied that there are many macro-economic factors that are linked with performance constituting of changes in systemic, government policy as well as macro-economic shocks. There is a need to measure all these effects with the corresponding time componenet so that it can be considered in the error term (eit). As a result, this methodical component will lead to correlation in the error terms that will violate the assumptions of OLS. Theoretically, the decomposition of error term (eit) into fixed time effects vector such that it will be labelled as Zt where Zt will symbolize dummy variables of the year with v.i.t as vector term and i.i.d as normal error terms with mean equal to zero. The equation will represent the eit decomposition (Bai Wang, 2015). As a final point, there is still a strong possibility that vector term (v.i.t) will not be independent of within industries or firms. This states that due to any occurrence if these firms operate in a different manner methodically due to transient factors that are long term in nature then there will be unobserved heterogeneity. However, to correct this, the fixed effects will come into play in industry/ firm according to the specifications (Ertur Musolesi, 2012). However, the final economic specification can be summarized based on within-firm AR (1) dynamics, fixed industry/ firm and fixed effects in year to control the features that are not restrained by other variables that might associate with the performance of the firm (Huang, 2013). This possible benefit of the approach is that it not only controls for unobserved heterogeneity without measuring the source of heterogeneity but also eliminates bias and provides strong estimates is statistical results. The possible drawback of this approach is that it is difficult to specify as well as identify different individual factors that will affect the dependent variable. Nevertheless, the goal is to not to test these effects or control the effects then the tradeoff will be accepted. The concerns relating to unobserved heterogeneity and autocorrelation are associated with panel data. However, to solve these issues, standard techniques are applied. Initially, Hausman test was conducted to provide a proper estimation method but the results depicted correlation issue between regressors and error (Marvel Pitts, 2014). Nonetheless, to solve this issue, firm fixed effects models were suggested over the random effects model for statistical evaluation. However, to test the validity as well as the efficiency of the findings, the outcomes reported were associated and compared to the random effects model results. As a result, the results obtained were lower from the perspective of random effect model based on the magnitude, significance levels as well as largely consistent coefficients. Therefore, the reported estimates are considered conservative using the fixed effects model. However, with any further correction in the potential autocorrelation might lead to biased param eter estimates in time series data and might vary over time to control the effects that assumes to be constant across firms and by adding year dummy variables, a time fixed effects was also incorporated. References Bai, J., Wang, P. (2015). Econometric Analysis of Large Factor Models. Baltagi, B. H., Feng, Q., Kao, C. (2012). A Lagrange Multiplier test for cross-sectional dependence in a fixed effects panel data model.Journal of Econometrics,170(1), 164-177. Corredor, P., Goi, S. (2011). TQM and performance: Is the relationship so obvious?.Journal of Business Research,64(8), 830-838. Ertur, C., Musolesi, A. (2012).Spatial autoregressive spillovers vs unobserved common factors models. A panel data analysis of international technology diffusion(No. 2012/9). INRA UMR CESAER, Centre d'Economie et Sociologie appliques l'Agriculture et aux Espaces Ruraux. Hagen, T., Waldeck, S. (2014).Using panel econometric methods to estimate the effect of milk consumption on the mortality rate of prostate and ovarian cancer(No. 03). Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Business and Law. Hanusz, Z., Tarasinska, J., Zielinski, W. (2016). SHAPIROWILK TEST WITH KNOWN MEAN.REVSTATStatistical Journal,14(1), 89-100. Hernndez-Cnovas, G., Mnguez-Vera, A., Snchez-Vidal, J. (2014). Ownership structure and debt as corporate governance mechanisms: an empirical analysis for Spanish smes.Journal of Business Economics and Management, 1-17. Hsiao, C. (2014).Analysis of panel data(No. 54). Cambridge university press. Huang, S. (2013).Board tenure and firm performance. working paper, INSEAD Business School. Kessler, R. C. (2014).Linear panel analysis: Models of quantitative change. Elsevier. Madorran, C., Garcia, T. (2016). Corporate social responsibility and financial performance: the spanish case.Revista de Administrao de Empresas,56(1), 20-28. Marvel, J., Pitts, D. (2014). What We Talk About When We Talk About Management Effects: A Substantively Motivated Approach to Panel Data Estimation.International Journal of Public Administration,37(3), 183-192. O'Neill, S., Hanrahan, K. (2016). The capitalization of coupled and decoupled CAP payments into land rental rates.Agricultural Economics,47(3), 285-294. Roodman, D. (2015). xtabond2: Stata module to extend xtabond dynamic panel data estimator.Statistical Software Components. Wooldridge, J. M. (2015).Introductory econometrics: A modern approach. Nelson Education.

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The association of Southeast Asian Nations free essay sample

The association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was established in 1967 as an organization for economic, political, social and cultural cooperation among its member countries. Its goal includes also protection of regional peace and stability. The original members are: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Now, there are 10 memberships: Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. ASEAN has a population of approximately 600 million people, which is 8. 8% of the worlds population. ASEAN has for objective to create an ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) for 2015. There are 4 pillars of AEC. The first is the creation of a single market and production base (free flow of goods, investments, services, skilled). â€Å"Free flow of goods† is central to the establishment of a single market and production base. There will have an E elimination/reduction of tariff barriers in intra-ASEAN trade transactions. The second pillar is created economic competitive region (competitive policy, consumer protection, intellectual property rights, infrastructure development†¦). We will write a custom essay sample on The association of Southeast Asian Nations or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The third is an equitable economic development (SME development, initiative for ASEAN development) and the last is the integration into the Global Economy (coherent approach towards external economic relations, enhanced participation in global supply networks) In a first time, I am going to present the positive points proposed by the ASEAN 2015. Then, I will discuss the threats that may arise during the establishment of this common market and if all the countries of the region will benefit in the same way. Finally, I will talk about the difficulties encountered in achieving this objective in 2015 and what are the ways to remedy it. The positive points (opportunities) proposed by ASEAN 2015 The emerging markets are located in Southeast Asia, their dynamism is particularly promising when ASEAN countries will integrate their economies in 2015. We found in the Asian region some of the most dynamic economies in the world. Together they form a huge market that is growing faster than any other region around the world and could be a dynamic regional grouping which would be roughly the size of the EU in terms of GDP. In addition, they will have greater significance in the trade than NAFTA and larger international reserves than those of the EU and NAFTA put together. The creation of an Asian Economic Community will also help the region to play a more effective and important role in the development of a global trading and financial system that is more responsive to its needs. With the AEC, ASEAN will be the biggest single market in the world. ASEAN will be a powerful economic area. Here some data about ASEAN : 10 members / population of 610 million people / Combined income (GDP) of US 2,339 billion / Average GDP per capita of US 3,787. The area will then form a single market and a single production base for the 10 member countries of ASEAN. There will be benefits for foreign companies: for companies selling products in the region, this means that they target an entire region rather than a single country. For example, if you sell in Malaysia, you could get goods to Singapore much easier than before. Active participation in the AEC will bring benefits to ASEAN as a more sustained growth, job creation, increased foreign direct investment It is this connectivity that will grow the market, as well as labor costs and land relatively low for manufacturers who will establish their production sites in the region. The improved economies of scale and scope, raised foreign direct investment, intensify competition and increased productivity. All these reforms should stimulate growth, generate more intra-regional trade, promote the emergence of strong and globally competitive ASEAN companies, and there would be more jobs for everyone. ASEAN will create millions of jobs All ASEAN countries will be more significant to foreign investors as a single market with about 600 million people and at the same time, there will be moreoopportunities for local SMEs to venture abroad. Under AEC, there will have some opportunity on tourism. MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conferencing, and Exhibition) opportunities are particularly large and countries which have more experience in this area such as Singapore and Thailand could render their assistance to those with weaker MICE experience. Regional tourism has a huge potential and becomes more and more important. ASEAN member countries as well as other partners need to form a group and cooperate to promote tourism for the sake of common benefits. Also, this area is a godsend, especially for SMEs, because in parallel market BRICS, it will know many infrastructure developments and will be able to accommodate new industrial facilities. This is one of the last untapped markets in the world, expectations are so high in terms of economic growth in the coming years In 2015, there will have also some benefit for some country like Thailand. In fact, when the AEC becomes effective, most of big firm (multinational) will move in Thailand, they will move their operation staff and top management. Thus, these employees will need accommodation and space for work. So, this will bring several opportunities for property firms who develop office and projects. And for example, one property firm in Thailand could expand its activity and its investment in other ASEAN country like on Indonesia, Vietnam for develops residential projects. Property market will increase. According to studies of the East-West Center (EWC) in Hawaii, the real income of the ASEAN economies would increase by 5. 3% due to their participation in the AEC. Companies also have the opportunity to cooperate with major partners such as China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Australia, India, New Zealand through free trade agreements (FTA) between ASEAN and different partners (FTA + 1) and the agreement of comprehensive regional Economic Partnership (RCEP). From 31 December 2015, most imported goods in ASEAN will be exempt from taxes. With one FTA, Vietnamese products and any other products from ASEAN countries exports to China, Japan, Republic of Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand will also be exempt from any customs tax. All countries from ASEAN can export and import lots of goods between themselves for low price. There will have strong growth in areas such as consumer electronics, vehicles, household goods, clothing, food and luxury products. There will have a boost of the business in the member’s countries by reducing barriers such as tariffs, harmonizing rules, and facilitating the flow of goods and services. It will enhance the regional competitiveness. Building AEC can bring benefits for the emerging market, in particular for Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. For example, Cambodia has many resources, including oil, gas and rare minerals on its soil. And according to my research, the Cambodian people do not know how to exploit this resources, they do not know what to do (most people are farmers and they have not done many studies), may be with the common market, the countries of the region will exploit the oil and gas; this will help the Cambodian people. Poor countries should grow speedily and should profit of the rich countries. It will increase the standard of living for more than half a billion people We can add ASEAN offers exciting production possibilities. It is a stable platform with good macroeconomic record and fundamentals. Likewise, for most parts of the region there is a young population and people are assets, not liabilities. It means there is a good potential for the ASEAN. Also, there is a strong track record in international production networks already and the region has abundant natural resources and minerals. Under the AEC, ASEAN countries who are actually for a grand part a bureaucracy should adopt democracy. In fact, When we created a common market, it is imperative that the countries are at peace, on the same wavelength etc Democracy will therefore be required in all countries. It will help the population to rise, earn more money in the best conditions of life ASEAN 2015 envisages cooperation between the member countries of ASEAN policy, security, and defense. Under the political-security community, the peoples of ASEAN will lead a better life in an environment of peace and friendship to the development and prosperity of the entire region. Increased cooperation in defense, regular exchanges between officers ASEAN countries will contribute, them, promote mutual understanding and mutual trust between the military, helping to minimize the risk of conflict between countries. Cooperation in the development of human resources, moving towards the harmonization of diplomas and professional certificates among ASEAN countries, will create favorable conditions for the population, especially skilled workers, to find opportunities in the region. Then, we can put on light the internationalization of health care under the ASEAN Economic Community. One of the sectors to be internationalized is health care sector. This is fatefully a big challenge but it offers potentials for the free flow of health services in the ASEAN region. For example, the largest medical service in Thailand and other Some Thai hospital groups to step up the pace of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures in other Asian Economic Community countries to help give them a better platform to better take care of expanding opportunities on AEC. Threats for the region and if this single market will benefit all country member. The ASEAN members have recently moved closer to China. But I think that rapprochement with China is not without risk to the organization that could be quickly overwhelmed despite Beijing have held reassuring statements related to its power. The Prime Minister of Malaysia has recently said, We have always believed that China was not a threat We have always regarded China as an opportunity. But I think the imbalance is obvious. According to a study by the Office for the Study of The Economist, the only Chinese exports in 2004 exceeded those combined 7 of the 10 ASEAN countries. Let us continue on the case of Thailand, which I think is the case of several other ASEAN countries. If the country does not take the necessary measures before 2015, it may be threatened in the sense that he cannot fully enjoy the benefits offered by ASEAN. All companies should unite their efforts and take steps to improve and / or maintain their market position. Due to a lack of development of some ASEAN countries, I also think that companies in the ASEAN region will not be able to compete in many areas the major international players in 2015. There will be a strong dependence on foreign investors. Foreign direct investments are in most countries (except Indonesia), a very large share of industrial added value and exports. The innovation potential of regional companies is limited and there will still be in the future if no appropriate measures are put in place. In addition, ASEAN markets are basically a field of confrontation and western multinationals. Poor countries will not be able to keep pace of the single market in 2015 as the common market does not expect the adoption of a single currency like the European Union. As a result, these countries just at the level of exchange rate they will be the losers and in any case they will not be favored. Tariff barriers are going to be abolished but in some countries the currency not worth anything so those who come from other countries are going in some ways  «takes advantage of the system. † French that goes into a country in Eastern Europe will be rich, which is not normal. Then the common market will certainly create jobs. Where? In poor countries because richer ASEAN countries will exploit the cheap labor in these countries. Thus, the unemployment rate will increase in their own country. This is particularly the case in the European Union. French factories relocate their factory in Eastern European countries (Romania, Bulgaria ) because labor is cheaper and taxes too. However, unemployment in France is increasing year by year Its the same for FDI, because they will help to develop poor countries by injecting money into the business for example, but as it is poor countries, workers will probably exploited as happened in China in recent years. We can also point out the brain drain. The free movement of people will generate the movement of skilled workers in the region. A country’s bright young thing will leave to work in a richer country to develop their careers at the expense of their own country. Currently, this is what is happening in Spain since the crisis. Students study in their country and when they graduate, they flee to Spain to work in another country of the European Union like Germany where working conditions are more favorable. However, Spain suffered lately a major crisis, the unemployment rate is 27% but yet the men flee much to detriment of the country. They run away from one’s problems. Thus I do not think the common market will benefit all countries in the region. At least not in 2015. There are still too large development gap between countries and only 2 years to reach the objectives. At that rate, the CLV countries among others will not fully benefit from the advantages offered by the ASEAN in 2015. Why? They are too late, they do not have adequate infrastructure, appropriate logistics, product not fairly good quality Poor countries and in particular CMLV could enjoy the ASEAN 2015 only if the development gap is narrowing. For example, some experts are concerned about the disparities in economic development between Vietnam and ASEAN +6, which have an impact on the implementation of the AEC in Vietnam. One of the problems of greatest concern is that the community of Vietnamese companies is not willing to exploit the opportunities presented by the Asean Economic Community. To prepare, they must improve their production capacity and the quality of their products and their services In addition, the authorities should develop appropriate policies to help companies seize opportunities and overcome challenges that arise in the context of the establishment of the AEC. It is the same issue with Cambodia. According an article, there are several constraints that Cambodia needs to address if it wants to have a flourishing integration into Asean Economic Community 2015. Whereas the quality of the Kingdom’s agricultural products and garments and textiles is enough, the quality of some other goods is not so acceptable. Also, there are some issues with the country’s public administration, labor productivity and production costs. Cambodia doesn’t have abundant products for exporting to other ASEAN countries while imports keep increasing. Therefore, its trade deficit is anticipated to greatly extend in terms of trade in the region of ASEAN. Also, I think countries which speak well English such as Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore will have a real advantage over others countries like Thailand, Myanmar. In fact, education plays an important role. If one country doesn’t speak well English it will be difficult to trade properly with the rest of the world and the region. English is the base for lots of thing. Some ASEAN countries understood that and took the good measure at school. Does the project will be completed and what the greatest difficulties to reach Despite the efforts made, regional integration remains insufficient. The rate of trade integration between ASEAN countries increased from 15% to 25% in 20 years, and in recent times the dynamics of trade with other Asian countries (China in particular) is much higher than the internal dynamics. Free trade has come to dominate and should be almost universal by 2015 among the member countries of the organization. But it does not base neither a Customs Union (no common external tariff), neither on the harmonization of standards and procedures, or even a regional financial standardization, so that market integration is far be optimal within ASEAN. Over the past ten years, the intra-ASEAN-5 trade fails to take off the threshold of 23-25 % of global trade. For these reasons and those previously explained, I do not think the project will be successful in 2015. A large part can be but there is still much work. For example, the draft ASEAN provides for the abolition of tariffs and the removal of import duties by 2015. But trade within ASEAN are modest and regional bloc (as I said previously) has important differences in terms of economic development between Singapore, one of the leading financial centers in the world, and Burma, a third of the population lives under the poverty line. But in order to create regional bloc, it will incorporate economy as diverse as Singapore and Burma. With a GDP of $ 511 billion, Indonesia has an economy that weighs 100 times more than that of Laos, the smallest country in ASEAN. Economic activity in ASEAN is also very focused on the five most important countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, which together account for 90% of GDP of the group. Also, some specialists commented about the lack of leadership. The role of Asean chairmanship is a rotatingopositionmand a series ofoofficials from theepoorer, less developed Asean countriesmwill be theechair of Asean for the next few yearsswhich means that leadershipwwill be inexperiencedaand possibly beeless interested in pushingaahead quickly withhintegration onaall fronts. For me, there is not a particular point which is harder to achieve than others. It is a set. To make the whole project for me the starting point is the reduction of the development gap, the abolition of corruption in some countries may hinder the project, a perfect agreement between the members (not like Philippine and Malaysia last year for example) because there is still internal tensions and intra-regional conflicts on the ASEAN, which hampers the strengthening of relations and cooperation between the countries of the Asia South-East, establish a business ethics because some countries do not really have. Here are some ways to reduce economic disparities: Only with strong leadership illustrated byygenerous support to CLMVVcountries, will the AEC be ultimately accomplished. I think 2 immediate measures are needed. The first is the creation of clearly defined financial support to alleviate social costs and to finance infrastructure development and trade facilitation. This can be byyway of the ASEAN-Development-Fund with clearly identifieddfunds to approach keyyissues such financing adjustments costs that are appear as a result of the economic integration. The European Union, the most successful regional grouping, made easier transition by ensuring sufficient allocation of resources to ASEAN members which required assistance. The European Union established 4 types of structural funds: there are the European Social Fund, the European Regional Development Fun, the EuropeanAAgricultural Guidance, GuaranteeFFund and the Financial Instrument for Fisheries, with the intention to facilitate economic integration process. ASEAN should follow this idea and agree on a method to ascribe resources to this fund on an equitable-basis. The support of international aid and some donor countries can also help to complete this fund. Then, the development of infrastructure should be an immediate priority for the ASEAN. It should clearly define increasing investment. Infrastructure development, such. as transportation networks, stable supply of utilities like water, energy and telecommunication,†¦principally in the depressed regions will provide the appropriate incentives for countries’ member to speed up economic integration.

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Free Essays on Max Weber

MAX WEBER Max Weber's The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism is a study of the relationship between the ethics of ascetic Protestantism and the emergence of the spirit of modern capitalism. Weber argues that the religious ideas of groups such as the Calvinists played a role in creating the capitalistic spirit. Weber first observes a correlation between being Protestant and being involved in business, and declares his intent to explore religion as a potential cause of the modern economic conditions. He argues that the modern spirit of capitalism sees profit as an end in itself, and pursuing profit as virtuous. Weber's goal is to understand the source of this spirit. He turns to Protestantism for a potential explanation. Protestantism offers a concept of the worldly "calling," and gives worldly activity a religious character. While important, this alone cannot explain the need to pursue profit. One branch of Protestantism, Calvinism, does provide this explanation. Calvinists be! lieve in predestinationthat God has already determined who is saved and damned. As Calvinism developed, a deep psychological need for clues about whether one was actually saved arose, and Calvinists looked to their success in worldly activity for those clues. Thus, they came to value profit and material success as signs of God's favor. Other religious groups, such as the Pietists, Methodists, and the Baptist sects had similar attitudes to a lesser degree. Weber argues that this new attitude broke down the traditional economic system, paving the way for modern capitalism. However, once capitalism emerged, the Protestant values were no longer necessary, and their ethic took on a life of its own. We are now locked into the spirit of capitalism because it is so useful for modern economic activity. Throughout his book, Weber emphasizes that his account is incomplete. He is not arguing that Protestantism caused the capitalistic spirit, but rather that i... Free Essays on Max Weber Free Essays on Max Weber MAX WEBER Max Weber's The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism is a study of the relationship between the ethics of ascetic Protestantism and the emergence of the spirit of modern capitalism. Weber argues that the religious ideas of groups such as the Calvinists played a role in creating the capitalistic spirit. Weber first observes a correlation between being Protestant and being involved in business, and declares his intent to explore religion as a potential cause of the modern economic conditions. He argues that the modern spirit of capitalism sees profit as an end in itself, and pursuing profit as virtuous. Weber's goal is to understand the source of this spirit. He turns to Protestantism for a potential explanation. Protestantism offers a concept of the worldly "calling," and gives worldly activity a religious character. While important, this alone cannot explain the need to pursue profit. One branch of Protestantism, Calvinism, does provide this explanation. Calvinists be! lieve in predestinationthat God has already determined who is saved and damned. As Calvinism developed, a deep psychological need for clues about whether one was actually saved arose, and Calvinists looked to their success in worldly activity for those clues. Thus, they came to value profit and material success as signs of God's favor. Other religious groups, such as the Pietists, Methodists, and the Baptist sects had similar attitudes to a lesser degree. Weber argues that this new attitude broke down the traditional economic system, paving the way for modern capitalism. However, once capitalism emerged, the Protestant values were no longer necessary, and their ethic took on a life of its own. We are now locked into the spirit of capitalism because it is so useful for modern economic activity. Throughout his book, Weber emphasizes that his account is incomplete. He is not arguing that Protestantism caused the capitalistic spirit, but rather that i... Free Essays on Max Weber â€Å"Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings† (Proverbs 22:29). This verse from the Bible describes Max Weber’s argument of the relationship between business and religion. He basically describes the way Calvinism, a doctrine of the Protestant religion, had effects on capitalism. The ethics of the Protestant religion were the main factors that affected capitalism. One of these characteristics was how the religion â€Å"acted powerfully against the spontaneous enjoyment of possessions† (Seeing Ourselves p. 348). This statement basically described the way materialistic things and earthly possessions were not to be pleasured too much. The second characteristic was described by Weber saying the religion â€Å"restricted consumption, especially of the luxuries† (Seeing Ourselves p. 348). This characteristic shows how Weber thought the Protestant religion prohibited a build-up of possessions. One last characteristic is how the religion had the â€Å"psychological effect of freeing the acquisition of good from the inhibitions of traditionalistic ethics† (Seeing Ourselves p. 348). Acquisition, or ownership, being freed from inhibitions, or embarrassment, of traditionalistic ethics meant that this ownership was viewed as being willed by God. These characteristics of Protestantism were believed to help shape the foundation of capitalism in Weber’s opinion. Because all of these factors proved the followers of this religion saved money, spent it wisely, and accumulated only the things of necessity, this â€Å"work-and-save† attitude aided capitalism in several ways. One way was working hard and to the best of their ability. This promoted the development of capitalism because strong workers resulted in strong companies which lead to a strong economy. After the people would work, they would earn money. However, instead of spending this money on fancy things, they would instead save it and be very frugal with what they... Free Essays on Max Weber Max Weber was the first to observe and write on bureaucracies which developed in Germany during the 19th century. He considered them to be efficient, rational and honest, a big improvement over the haphazard administration that they replaced. The German government was better developed than that in the United States and Britain and was nearly equal to that of France. Weber saw that modern officialdom functioned according to six principles: (1) Fixed and official jurisdictional areas which are ordered by rules, that is laws and administrative regulations. (2) Hierarchy and levels of graded authority where the lower offices are supervised by the higher ones. (3) Management is based on official documents (the files). (4) The officials have thorough and expert training. (5) It requires the full time work of the official. (6) Management follows rules. While these principles seem obvious today, German government agencies were pioneering modern administration to replace practices dating back to the Middle Ages owing loyalty to the king, dukes and the church. From the perspective of the official, Weber observed that office holding is a "vocation," that is it is a calling requiring a prescribed course of training for a long period of time and having examinations which are a prerequisite for employment. He is to be loyal to the office he holds, not to a patron. By virtue of his position, the official enjoys high social esteem. (Weber notes that this is especially weak in the United States.) The official is appointed by a superior official; he is not elected. Normally he works for the agency for life; he does not fear being fired for failing to please a patron. He receives a salary and an pension when he retires. The official pursues a career within the bureaucracy, moving up to more responsible positions according to his experience and ability. Weber is also known for his theory of charismatic leadership. Charisma is the gift from above wher...

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Admissions essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Admissions - Essay Example Moving in and out of state and having to go to different towns and strange places because we could not seem to attain permanence in keeping a ruined family, I eventually dropped out of high school and got my GED yet managed to obtain a hairstylist license after attending a beauty college. These were the times it occurred to me how real and excruciating the world could get at receiving various criticisms and discriminations from several people that it almost led me to bitter mistrust and disillusionment. In the process, however, I also learned to be flexible in dealing with different types of people and defend a good cause whichever side it is. My self-confidence even increased when I worked as a flight attendant for fourteen year, spending fifteen years in total in the airline industry which had taught me beyond the value of customer service. Sincerity of personalized service and letting people in general know how much you care specifically at instances when injustice is prevalent, is such a rewarding experience. My first marriage at the age of eighteen lasted a brief span of a year and a half while my present marriage has fortunately struggled forward with a partner who is fourteen years my senior. Relationships have by far enabled me to stretch my patience and find significant worth in listening and understanding an individual prior to raising any unnecessary arguments. I realize that besides holding good set of reasons to drive myself in asserting the most justifiable points, there is actually more to seeking to first heed the other person’s concern and settle the issue with both sides accounted for. Despite pregnancies and difficult times of getting on and off with school since 2005, the desire to pursue law studies does not cease and I particularly prefer specializing in family law and work on the area associated with juveniles. Knowing how tough and delicate this is in

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Audience essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Audience - Essay Example The total number of the audience is more than 600 which means that there is high level of diversity in the Bundestag. It contains men, women, people from different socioeconomic backgrounds as well as individuals who have varied religious or moralistic leanings. However, it is clear that their objective of being in the Bundestag is to bring improvements to society which means that whatever suggestion is given to them with regard to improving the situation of society is likely to be given a sympathetic ear. Aside from this similarity, they are also professionals who work as career politicians and are likely to have families, children, mobile phones as well as involvements in social organizations in their localities. Furthermore, it can be expected that they are well aware of international laws and even the laws of other countries in the EU concerning cell phone use while driving and the penalties associated with the crime. In fact, it becomes rather easy to see that the audience could be well aware of the issues surrounding the debate and might even be willing to follow the laws which have been enacted by nations in the region in similar situations. This makes the task of convincing them much easier since they can be shown data concerning how other countries have enacted the laws and what positive affects these laws have had on their motor safety. Further, they can be shown data from countries where mobile penetration is high yet there are no laws concerning the use of mobile phones while driving and how this affects the number of accidents on the roads. Moreover, they would also be pushed towards the point if they are told how a person’s situational awareness and ability to drive is affected while using a mobile phone. Most importantly, the argument presented to the audience has to be given a moral and ethical dimension since that can go a long way towards showing them that what they are doing will be good for society and it will have a